File:Abunnaki Tribe.png
File:Abunakki 41.png

This tribe's base is very weak at level 1, but after a few defeats, he gets lasers, teslas, and a wall. This tribe doesn't have a housing so monsters go from the hatchery to the juicer.

He sends masses of eye-ras to attack yards where layered walls that don't have enough enough tower coverage.

Note: The monster juicer that mashes Pokey's might be where the Abunakki tribe gets it's bones from.

For Map room lvl 2, you can farm this yard easily with 1 Zafreeti, 1 D.A.V.E. and a champion. A lvl 42 abunakki yard gives you 3,000,000+ for each resources and 1,500,000+ for goo.


It was the final bone for wild monster invasion 1.

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