File:Alliance Raiders.png

" File:United We Stand.png "

Alliances are a recent addition to Backyard Monsters. They require Players to be on the same Map Server to join an Alliance.


An alliance forms since there's strength in numbers. Right now, the only benefits for being in an alliance are the power-ups and group messages.


Image Name Description Charge Time Cooldown
File:Ap armament icon.jpg Armament All Alliance members receive an increase to all Tower and Block hit points, as well as increased damage from Booby Traps. Last 12 hours. 12d 12h
File:Ap conquest icon.jpg Conquest All Alliance members receive 25% discount on Outpost takeovers. Last 6 hours. 14d 6h
File:Ap declarewar icon.jpg Declare War All Alliance members' Flingers have an increased range, capacity, and target lock time. Lasts 12 hours. 28d 12h

Optional Alliance PicturesEdit

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