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2011-08-19 - Alliance Power-Ups!

File:Ap armament icon.jpg
File:Ap conquest icon.jpg
File:Ap declarewar icon.jpg
You all thought alliances were just about a bunch of kids gathering and talking of revolution: not anymore. Team BYM has just launched Alliance Power-Ups!

Now these innocent groups have been given weapons of mass destruction:

  • Declare War - With this power-up, Alliances will gain the ability to wreak more havoc than ever before! With increased Flinger range, capacity, and target lock time, Alliance members will be able to inflict pain on all of their enemies.
  • Conquest - With a discount on takeover costs, Alliances will be able to plant their flags all over their world.
  • Armament - With stronger walls and towers, and more powerful traps, enemies will think twice about attacking your alliance.

We have also released:

  • CHEAPER: Radio Tower requirements reduced.
    Radio Tower
  • BUG: Solved serious lag issues regarding alliances
  • BUG: Fixed a bug where you couldn't clear your search results in alliances
  • BUG: Get More Shiny interface will no longer appear behind other popups
  • BUG: Fixed several text bugs
  • BUG: Empire points are now formated with commas
  • BUG: Users can now easily rename their alliance if they attempt to enter an invalid name
  • BUG: Can now unignore users in chat

Have a great weekend!

Team BYM

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