== Ballistic Weapons==

There are only two ballistic weapons in the game (Thud Cannon and Ripper Cannon). The Thud cannon being the better option for begginers as it does a decent amount of damage and quite a bit of accuracy. The Ripper Cannon however is only powerful while in groups.

If you really want to use the ripper cannons though because of the marauder you start out with, you should put them on small, fast boats, like the gunboats or skirmishers. Then if you want to launch an attack on another fleet( Ripper Cannons are not good in island battles) move your fast ships close enough to the enemies with mortars or rapier missiles, and if the dont have hydra rockets or thud cannons, just follow the enemy ship as closly as you can and the ripper canons will tear them to shreds. Although if they have ripper, or thud cannons dont use this strategy, but mostly it is attacker beware.

The only other usefull use for ripper cannons is one or two on your larger ships, for close quarter combat protection.

Thud Cannon with Hardened Barrels III are a preferred weapon of higher level players.

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