Bandito Animation


Bandito are the opposite of Fang. They have high health, while Fangs have high attack. At low levels they are used to attack bases, especially on a looting wave, where there is a Cannon Tower or 2 still standing. True to their description of "Monster Assassins", they can easily kill other monsters. Use them to clear bunkers, especially Pokey-filled ones. Banditos are also good when paired up with Ichis and a Fomor.


Banditos with the Whirlwind make great Bunker Monsters. As they can kill a group of Ichis with the support of Zafreeti. Banditos with whirwind are also very good at defending from wild monster attacks, as two level one bunkers full of banditos with level one whirlwind can kill a group of over 100 brains in less than 10 seconds without a single Bandito dying. However, 1 attack from the Balthazar monster in WMI 2 can kill a Bandito, and Banditos cannot attack Balthazars because that they're flying, so you should use D.A.V.E s as bunker monsters in WMI 2,it was very effective on lower level monsters.

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