File:Battle barge 2.png
The Battle Barge hull is the fourth hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "gigantic barge". Good for attacking heavily armored places. It is the third ship you are able to "refit", allowing you to upgrade the weapons and special slots as you upgrade them in the naval and weapons labs.

Battle Barge Stats
Weapon Slots 4
Armor Slots 2
Special Slots 2
Armor Points 466
Max Weight 1,397 tons
Cargo 113,335 tons
Evade Bonus -20%
Combat Speed 12
Turn Speed 15
Map Speed 27 mph
Underwater Weapon No
Refit-able Yes
Requirements Level 6 Naval Lab
Time 1d 04h 07m
Oil 996,753
Metal 797,402
Energy 747,565
Zynthium 897,078
Time 7h 30m 00s
Oil 181,228
Metal 108,737
Energy 90,614
Zynthium 67,960

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