Looking for new recruits in sector 270Edit

I am CptAhab, the founder of Satan's Crusaders. I am looking for new recruits in sector 270. if your lvl 15 and up please add me on fb at winovmc(a) name is michael hernandez. I am also a admin to a brothering group called Angels of Death. Our goal in SC&AD is for the protection of our fellow members and followers of our group. we are willing to dig a grave for our enemy and put them in it... we are a group that will hear and take any ideas from members that may help build us into a STRONG UNITED GROUP, that will someday dominate the sector. We are currently a small group but with our high level players (24-26), we take all so we don't look like wusses as we are. Help my team become something we are not! WE need all the help we can get against BW (Black Watch) the strongest alliance in 270.

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