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Description Edit

This building allows you to change out your active champion, keeping inactive ones safe on ice until you call them forth again. (Frozen champs aren't hurt even when the Champion Chamber is completely destroyed)

Building Information Edit

File:309313 10150425516858825 342684208824 10107361 1586533542 n.jpg
A frozen champion's feed time counter stays in place and doesn't change until it has become unfrozen.

The Champion must already be fed before it is frozen, and they must also be at full health- the quickest way is to be healed by Zafreeti during an attack on an enemy yard.

Land Air
No effect No effect
Cryogenically Frozen Hellraisers
NOTE: Some people make a champion lvl one each to make it possible to juice one to heal it.


  • Level 4 Town hall
  • Champion cage

Upgrade Progression Edit

Structure Level Resources Needed Building


Repair Time Resources Recycled Town Hall Level HP
Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Putty-icon Putty Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Putty-icon Putty
1 Twigs-icon 500,000 Pebbles-icon 500,000 Putty-icon 250,000 1d 53m 20s Twigs-icon 250,000 Pebbles-icon 250,000 Putty-icon 125,000 4 16,000

Building Progression Edit

Structure Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Champion Chamber File:Champion Chamber damaged.png File:Champion Chamber destroyed.png

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