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In-game Sprite
File:D.A.V.E. Animation.png
Monster Locker Level4
Favorite TargetAnything
DescriptionD.A.V.E. only listens to his master and has a habit of completely destroying bases.
Special AbilityRockets
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Monster Information Edit

D.A.V.E. is the last monster to be unlocked in the Monster Locker. Its high health makes it a good tank. D.A.V.E. also has a high attack, but the usefulness of his attack is migitated by D.A.V.E.'s slow speed and the fact that it targets anything, making it go through a Never Ending of Horror. (A Never Ending Chain of Horror is when buildings like the General Store or Radio Tower are placed in a circle around your yard to force monsters tht target anything to go around in a circle, keeping the monsters from attcking your actual Storage Silos or Defensive Buildings.)D.A.V.E. also takes the longest time to make out of all the monsters, and also costs the most Goo. D.A.V.E. takes the second-most spacing in the Housing, at 160. Overall, however, D.A.V.E. is a great monster that is a perfect addition to your monster army.

Special Ability Edit

D.A.V.E. Lab

D.A.V.E. Rockets


Rockets Edit

Gives D.A.V.E. the ability to fire rockets in each arms increasing the range and ina same damage each LvL he does. Also enables D.A.V.E. to hit Air targets.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Rocket Range Putty-icon Putty Time Rocket Range Putty-icon Putty Time Rocket Range Putty-icon Putty Time
140 Putty-icon 15,000,000 6d 180 Putty-icon 22,500,000 6d 220 Putty-icon 33,750,000 6d

Upgrade Progression Edit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Movement Speed 0.8kph 0.85kph 0.9kph 1kph 1.1kph 1.2kph
Health 8,000 9,100 10,000 12,000 16,500 21,000
Damage 1,500 1,500 1,600 1,700 1,800 1,900
Goo Cost Goo-icon 150,000 Goo-icon 225,000 Goo-icon 337,500 Goo-icon 440,000 Goo-icon 600,000 Goo-icon 800,000
Housing Space 160 spaces 160 spaces 160 spaces 160 spaces 160 spaces 160 spaces
Production Time 1h 1h 1h 1h 1h 1h
Upgrade Cost Putty-icon8,192,000 Putty-icon8,192,000 Putty-icon10,000,000 Putty-icon12,200,000 Putty-icon19,200,000 Putty-icon28,000,000
Upgrade Time 3d 2d 3d 4d 6d 8d


  • It used to be the most powerful monster in BYM.
  • It is still the most powerful non-champion monster.
  • It's named after the creator of BYM, David Scott.
  • A level 6 D.A.V.E has the same speed of a level 2 Gorgo.

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