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Dave is an efficent monster. It is best used with Zafreeti and Fomor, This tatic can destroy bases in 1 attack. When Daves gets Rockets, he can avoid a lot of traps in a SDT, making him very useful. Due to their high health, they can actually be used alone on weak bases. With it's rockets to level 3, it can outrange Laser Towers and level 1-6 Cannon towers. In a yard with no ADTs, Dave, Zafreeti and Fomor can destroy everything without trouble. Zaf + Fomor can actually survive an ADT for a long time, giving the Daves enough time to destroy the ADT. Or use 10M Putty. The rocket ability of Daves' allow them to bypass SDT, allowing them to loot without worrying about traps. Look out for bunkered eye-ras if you don't have a Fomor, as they can easily kill a Dave.Using 10 D.A.V.E.S and 5 Zafreetis are very effective for attacking and can easily destroy the bases.


D.A.V.Es are the best in bunkers, They are like a tank in them. It's impossible to beat them without the use of a Zafreeti, Daves and Eye-ras. Their rockets make them even more frustrating. Ever had problems with Teratorn WM raids? Put them in the bunkers,use some backups like pokeys or lower level monsters so the player who are cheking the bunker then they would not know that their are more D.A.V.E.S in their.

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