Headshot-David Scott

David Scott a.k.a. Critters

Critters (David Scott) is the Co-Founder and developer of the Casual Collective/Kixeye.

Critters created:

*Flash Element TD I & II
*Buggle Connect
*Buggle Stars
*Attack of the Buggles
*The Space Game
*Backyard Monsters (Facebook and Kongregate only)
*Zilch (in development)
*AotB2 (in development)

Other Contributions to the Collective

*Design and coding of CC1 (the first version of the site)
*Design of CC2
*CC Radio player
*Avatar Creator
*Graphics for Minions, Minions on Ice and Desktop Armada

Life before the Kixeye/CasualCollective

David is also responsible for the Vector TD series of flash games as well as Circle TD and Jetboost on

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