Defence structures are the following:

  • Defence platforms
  • Walls

Each one of this types have 4 levels, requiring a specific armor upgrade in order to be built.

Increasing the level of a platform or a wall increases it's armor, i.e. the health pool (consequentially taking more and more time for the repairs). There is no requirement of a defence platform level in order to set a specific weapon on it. So, for example, there may be situations with a level 1 defence platform, hosting a IV level Victory Mortar on it.

Each tower can have one weapon, equipped on it. The base weapons are researched in the Weapon Lab (by a matter of fact, there is a special tab for them).

Walls are either Wall Corners, or normal walls. The main objective of them is to prevent damage from ballistic weapons (Ripper and ...). Wall construction and upgrade does not require a builder, i.e. one can build a defence platform (or any other building) and simultaneously build and/or upgrade walls. A wall takes 3 seconds to build, several walls can be built the same time, just like the terrain. Walls are zynthium heavy, so be sure to have it stockpiled before starting some wall building/wall upgraiding campaigns.

The best ways of building the aforesaid defence structures is to combine both of them in such a way, that will cause the attacking fleet to waste more time overwhelming them. A common policy here is to entour the defence platforms with walls (one terrain tile can host a tower in the middle and one wall layer circling the tower). A double wall can also be useful, though it will require more planning and placement actions, because one terrain tile won't be enough for it.

Level Armor points Oil Metal Energy Zynthium requires
1 250 179 529 471 929 Nothing
2 750 714 2,114 1,886 9,286 Steel II
3 2,250 2,857 8,457 7,543 92,857 Titanium III
4 6,750 11,429 33,829 30,171 185,784 Depleted Uranium IV

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