File:Dreadnaut Tribe.png
File:Dreadnaut 43.png

This tribe has a bunch of lasers and teslas, making him one of the best and worst defended. The lack of cannons make it the worst defended (because lasers are catapultable). But the combination of lasers and teslas make for an uber defense.

This tribe will start attacking you only at higher levels, but when they do, they (figuratively) throw the kitchen sink at you. It is also notable that after he starts to attack you, the other wild tribes will seemingly cease all attacking activity. This guy will send swarms of Brains after your exposed resource gatherers with hardly anything monsters mixed in. Every once in a while he will throw tower monsters at you as well. Once you reach level 40 or higher, they will start using D.A.V.E.s and Teratorns.

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