File:Floating Fortress.png
The Floating Fortress hull is the eighth and second to last hull a player may unlock, and is described as "the largest ship on the high seas". Being the most capable hull, each Floating Fortress hull takes over a week to build. On the Kixeye Forums, the Floating Fortress is often used as a running gag, used to represent 'instant death'. Best used for mining, Floating Fortresses can hold massive amounts of resources and are easily defensible.
Weapon Slots 6
Armor Slots 3
Armor Points 2,317
Special Slots 2
Max Weight 6,951 tons
Cargo 1,122,018
Evade Bonus -50%
Combat Speed 8
Turn Speed 6
Map Speed 20 mph
Underwater Weapon No
Refit-able Yes
Requirements Level 10 Navy Lab, Battle Barge, Leviathan
Time 11d 17h 15m
Oil 15,608,090
Metal 12,486,472
Energy 11,706,086
Zynthium 14,047,281
Time 1d 6hr
Oil 2,837,835
Metal 1,702,701
Energy 1,418,917
Zynthium 1,064,188

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