The gunboat is the first type of hull the player will have access to build when they start the game. It is a light ship and it can only hold 31 tons. The best armor you can get for it is steel level 1(due to weight), while the best weapon is the thud cannon level 2(assuming you are using no armor).
Gunboat Stats
Weapon Slots 1
Armor Slots 1
Special Slots 0
Armor Points 10
Max Weight 31 tons
Cargo 656 Tons
Evade Bonus 33%
Combat Speed 22
Turn Speed 60
Map Speed 50 mph
Underwater Weapons Yes
Refit-able No
Requirements n.a.
Time n.a.
Oil n.a.
Metal n.a.
Energy n.a.
Zynthium n.a.
Base Time 30s
Oil 365
Metal 159
Energy 122
Zynthium 99

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