1: Can easily kill the monsters

2:Can easily defend the recources,storage silos, andt the town hall

3: More blocks far from the town hall and defensive towers and so the eye-ra users can't go to the town hall


1: Champion is very far from the town hall..

Yard planner:

Sorry for no yard planner :(((( but the tower range are extreme near the town hall and the other recources...

Made by: Drulgo The Great Destroyer

Posted by: Jarren Pineda (My other account) And Jarren Pineda (Real acount)

Picture by:Jarren Pineda (My other account)...

NOTE: The totem was very low but that's not happens,it was exatly when the time of WMI 1 and my yard is weak, after i got the inferno, i planned that i can changed my yard so i had extreme yard,so that totem is lower than the WMI 1. (I survived in WMI about is wave 28 and WMI 2 is wave 19 and happens with my very weak base.) and this was very similar to the vendetta but it has a few difference of it...

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