High Fortress V 0.2 BetaEdit


File:Highfortressv02betayp.png File:Highfortressv02betaypr.png


  • Anti PPX (10M Puttied Project X)
  • level 8 TH (Townhall)
  • Anti catapult
  • Bunkers notbait able
  • All buildings in range for CF (Concentrated Power)
  • ADT's fortified so it will be harder to destroy by catapult
  • SDT has good pathing

Tested with a friend


-Baitable Champion

-Tower monsters may move through THDT

If you find any more, edit this page and put them here.


You may ask

Why did you put some booby traps near the rail gun at the back??

Answer: Because i have no more space and blocks i will fix it as soon as possible when my TH is level 9

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