This is a yard that I've been working on for a while. It's called the Radial Corners. I don't know why it has radial in it, but originally, there were four corners in the yard until I redisigned it. A few of the towers are not really upgraded that much, but
File:Radial Corners V1.0.png
I'll get there when I get the chance.


Good SDT.

Withstood 30 D.A.V.E. with only 4 buildings destroyed.

File:Radial Corners V1.0 Yard Planner View.png
File:Radial Corners V1.0 Yard Planner View Tower Ranges.png
Aerial Defense Towers are anti-catapultable.


2 Bunkers are semi-baitable.

Bad Champion Cage placement. (I may be considereing getting a Gorgo.)

You can copy this yard if you want. If you do, I hope you enjoy the friuts of your labor of building it! And if you do build it, please modify it so that it can be better!

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