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Description Edit

Stores the creatures you produce in the Hatchery, upgrade or build more to increase capacity.

File:Housing Expansion.PNG

Building Information Edit

The downside of this building is that all monsters inside it will vanish when the building is destroyed. Therefore, you'll have to repair and resupply the housing if the enemy have destroyed your Housing. This building is one of the two biggest buildings in Backyard Monsters, the other being the Champion Cage. To remove monsters in the Housing you either use them in battle, put them in a bunker or juice them using the Monster Juicer. The maximum housing space without the use of Shiny or Outposts is 2,160 (4 level 6 Housings).

Upgrade Progression Edit

Structure Level Resources Needed Upgrade Time Repair Time Resources Recycled Housing Capacity Town Hall Level HP
Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles
1 Twigs-icon 2,160 Pebbles-icon 2,160 5m Twigs-icon 1,080 Pebbles-icon 1,080 200 1 4,000
2 Twigs-icon 8,640 Pebbles-icon 8,640 1h 15m Twigs-icon 5,400 Pebbles-icon 5,400 260 2 14,000
3 Twigs-icon 34,560 Pebbles-icon 34,560 3h Twigs-icon 22,680 Pebbles-icon 22,680 320 3 25,000
4 Twigs-icon 138,240 Pebbles-icon 138,240 8h 6m 40s Twigs-icon 91,800 Pebbles-icon 91,800 380 5 43,000
5 Twigs-icon 552,960 Pebbles-icon 552,960 20h Twigs-icon 368,280 Pebbles-icon 368,280 450 6 75,000
6 Twigs-icon 2,211,840 Pebbles-icon 2,211,840 1d 16h 9m 55s Twigs-icon 1,474,200 Pebbles-icon 1,474,200 540 6 130,000

Building Progression Edit

Structure Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 ~ 6 Housing File:Housing Damaged.png File:Housing Destroyed.png

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