Hull ResearchEdit

Hulls are researched in the Naval Lab. The following table details the requirements for unlocking each hull. The Gunboat hull is the default hull, and is unlocked when the game is first joined.

Hull Oil Metal Energy Zynthium Time Requirements Image
Gunboat --- --- --- --- --- ---
Skirmisher 7,693 6,154 5,770 6,923 6m Naval Lab 1
Longship 40,602 32,482 30,451 36,542 33m Naval Lab 2
Marauder 214,301 171,441 160,726 192,871 5h 37m Naval Lab 4
Predator Submarine 642,903 514,323 411,458 822,916 14h 03m Naval Lab 5
File:Predator Submarine.png
Battle Barge 996,753 797,402 747,565 987,078 1d 4h 07m Naval Lab 6
File:Battle barge 2.png
Leviathan 4,176,421 3,341,137 3,132,316 3,758,779 5d 20h 37m Naval Lab 8,

Battle Barge

File:Levathian battleship.png
Stalker Submarine 6,505,487 5,204,389 4,879,115 5,854,938 8d 2h 26m Level 9 Naval Lab,

Battle Barge

Seawolf 9,594,896 7,675,917 7,196,172 8,635,406 8d 18h 56m Navel Lab 9,

Battle Barge

File:Sea Wolf.png

Floating Fortress

15,608,090 12,486,472 11,706,068 14,047,281 11d 17h 15m Naval Lab 10,

Battle Barge, Leviathan

File:Floating Fortress.png
Hammerhead n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.

Event winner/

Naval lab 10, Floating Fortress

Battle Cruiser N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Event winner N/A
Battleship N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Event winner N/A
Dreadnought N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Event winner N/A

Ship RankEdit

Each ship rank grants that ship a percent increase of firing rate and turning speed. The amount of experence points needed for a ship to advance from one rank to the next is dependent on the type of ship.

Bonus Fire Rate Turn Rate
First Class +5% +5%
Second Class +10% +10%
Thrid Class +15% +15%
Fourth Class +20% +20%
Elite Class +25% +25%

Ship First Class Second Class Thrid Class Fouth Class Elite Class
Gunboat 30 75 135 210 300
Skirmisher 39 99
Longship 53 132 238 371 531
Marauder 70 176
Predator submarine 80 200 360 800
Battle Barge 93 422 657 939
Leviathan 124 312
Stalker Submarine
Floating Fortress
Battle Cruiser


File:Ship Lineup..png

Hulls, along with Armor are the two products researched by the Naval Lab. There are nine different hulls currently available to research, with each one progressively more capable and slower than the last, excluding the Seawolf and Predator Submarine which serve as niche or speciality ships.

If a fleet is damaged you can repair it in the dock.

Mercenery FleetEdit

Mercenary Fleets are gained by your friends on Facebook who also play the game and have chosen to send you a free gift. The option to send free gifts tab can be found at the top left of the game console. You can deploy one Mercenary Fleet every 12 hours and it lasts for 12 hours.

Mercenary Fleets utilize only the technology and hulls you have researched (Three ships of your highest hull* and 2 ships of you second highest*).

*Subs and Seawolfs are excluded from Mercenery fleets

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