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2011-07-1 - Black Diamond Blocks - Facebook Credits - CHAT - Bug Fixes - Optimization Where to start?!

Black Diamond BlocksEdit

Block 5
You can now upgrade the gold blocks to Black Diamond, these blocks are 50% stronger than gold and black diamond is sexy right?


We've taken a leaf from our other game Battle Pirates and have added chat to BYM, you can now chat away with other players in your base or while attacking. We will be adding more chat features and will be using chat in some upcoming features! (watch this space). NOTE: We have disabled chat while we add more servers, we have a lot of people playing BYM at any one time and the servers didn't like the attention, we will re-enable it for 100% of players as soon as we can.


We've made the game load upto 50% quicker for people with large bases with guardians, you should notice the time between the loading screen and seeing your yard drop. We've also made the game run a little quicker once loaded and we will continue to optimize with every update!

Bug fixesEdit

Fixed another case of the Champ not keeping it's feeds. As I said in another thread there are a few different ways this can happen so this may not be the last but touch wood it's now 100% fixed.

Facebook CreditsEdit

As of the 1st July Facebook have made it mandatory for all apps & games to use their currency and their currency only. To comply we have removed the PayPal option and offers. However all is not lost, facebook lets you buy their credits with PayPal and they have offers.

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