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2011-07-15 - New and improved store items & XP for invites and gifts.

  • File:Hyper Speed.png
    File:Beast Mode.png
    There are two new monster power-ups, Beast Mode and Hyper Speed, that will increase your monsters defense and speed.
  • We have improved the Daily, Weekly, and Ultimate Protection store items to now include protection from Wild Monster attacks.
  • You will now be notified when a friends accepts your gift or invite and you gain some XP towards your next level.

Bug and hack fixes:

  • Stopped a hack where users were able to alter their Champion monster's stats
  • Stopped a hack where users were able to producer resources beyond the max number
  • Another resource hack has been killed
  • Added fixes for another mushroom hack
  • Stopped a fast Champion heal hack, as well as other max Champion health related hacks
  • Users will no longer see an "oops" when trying to feed their Champion with insufficient Shiny
  • Attacking monsters will now do the correct amount of damage to defending monsters buffed by Fomor
  • Flying Fomor will no longer take splash damage from attacking monsters.
  • Flying Fomor will now fly over damaged buildings, rather than flying around them

All users caught hacking have had their accounts banned, permanently. We have a zero tolerance attitude towards cheaters!

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