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2011-07-08 - Heavy Traps and more!

Heavy Trap
Team BYM has just released another update!

We've added Heavy Traps which are only triggered by Champions and other heavy monsters. Also, Banditos can now be purchased for Bunkers with Shiny.

We also added a few optimizations as well as squashing a LOAD of bugs:

  • Processing times for larger bases cut in half!
  • Battles use less CPU and run smoother.
  • Putty stores are no longer reset on every load for certain bases
  • Drulls now heal as expected after an attack
  • Champions now take the appropriate amount of damage from Eye-ras
  • Black Diamond Blocks now appear correctly in the Yard Planner
  • Booby traps now show as circles in the Yard Planner
  • Fixed an "Oops" when a Flying Fomor was attacked by another Fomor
  • Correct numbers appear when Gold or Black Diamond Blocks are destroyed
  • Aerial Defense Towers deal the correct amount of damage
  • Repair All now works as expected
  • Champion monsters heal correctly while logged off
  • DAVEs will now only melee attack Rocket DAVEs that are in melee range
  • Upgrade All for Blocks now calculates under construction Blocks in the Shiny cost

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