File:Kozu Tribe.png
File:Kozu 42.png

This tribe specializes in mazing and probably has quadruple the amount of Blocks as normal. The base is riddled with good placement of Booby Traps.

He sends a massive wave of mostly anything monsters (like Fangs) along a broad front to test bases with good tower coverage but many exposed decoy buildings. Kozu tribe can be killed if you find all the booby tarps with monsters like Bolt. Then, you can practically march in with stronger monsters and kill everything since its defense towers are not storng but the defense towers are covered with blocks and booby traps.

For map room lvl 2, you can get about 6,000,000+ twigs, 5,000,000+ pebbles, 5,000,000+ putty and 2,500,000+ goo if you fully destroy a lvl 42 yard.

There are many ways to farm kozus, the most efficent way is this method

File:Backyard Monsters: Farming Kozu with Fomor, Octos and Bolts

Here is the Yard Planner of the Kozu tribe

File:Kozu Yard Planner.png

Now here is the kozu tribe with the tower ranges

File:Kozu yard planner 2.png

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