File:Levathian battleship.png
The Leviathan hull is the fifth hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "battleship". The Leviathan appears to be to the Battle Barge as the Marauder is to the Longship. Great to attack important places that are heavily armed.

Leviathan Stats
Weapon Slots 5
Armor Slots 3
Special Slots 2
Armor Points 1,074
Max Weight 3,222 tons
Cargo 374,006 tons
Evade Bonus -40%
Combat Speed 10
Turn Speed 10
Map Speed 23 mph
Underwater Weapon No
Refit-able Yes
Requirements Level 8 Naval Lab, Battle Barge
Time 5d 20h 37m
Oil 4,176,421
Metal 3,341,137
Energy 3,135,316
Zynthium 3,758,779
Time 15h 00m 00s
Oil 759,349
Metal 455,610
Energy 379,675
Zynthium 284,756

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