The Longship hull is the second hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "highly mechanized frigate". The Longship is the first hull to have more than one Weapon Slot and one Armor Slot. Best used to destroy weak scoutboats
Longship Stats
Weapon Slots 2
Armor Slots 2
Special Slots 1
Armor Points 72
Max Weight 216 tons
Cargo 7,871 tons
Evade Bonus 20%
Combat Speed 16
Turn Speed 36
Map Speed 37 mph
Underwater Weapons Yes
Refit-able No
Requirements Naval Lab 2
Time 33m
Oil 40,602
Metal 32,482
Energy 30,451
Zynthium 36,542
Time 50m 00s
Oil 7,382
Metal 4,429
Energy 3,691
Zynthium 2,768

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