The Marauder hull is the third hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "heavily armored hovercraft". The Marauder's shape appears to be heavily based upon the Longship's, with the addition of 2 fins on each side. This hull is best to attack important locations that are averagly armed.

This is the second ship hull that has a Special Item slot and the last ship to receive an Evade bonus.

Marauder Stats
Weapon Slots 3
Armor Slots 2
Special Slots 1
Armor Points​ 190
Max Weight 570 tons
Cargo 31,482 tons
Evade Bonus 10%
Combat Speed 14
Turn Speed 21
Map Speed 32 mph
Underwater Weapon No
Refit-able No
Requirements Nav Lab 4
Time 5h 37m
Oil 214,301
Metal 171,441
Energy 160,726
Zynthium 192,871
Time 2h 30m 00s
Oil 38,964
Metal 23,378
Energy 19,482
Zynthium 14,611

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