The Monster Bunker is an important defensive tower, but deciding what monsters to put in it is important. There are many combinations of monsters that will work effectively. The monsters you put in a bunker should be decided by the way your base is made, and the placement of the Monster Bunker itself.

For example, if you have a base that is high in Concentrated Firepower/Cover Fire, then your yard may be suspectible to Putty Project X. To counter that, Monster Bunkers on the outside of your base with lots of Octo-ooze can stall the Project X, wasting their Rage time. On the other hand, if your yard is very spread out, then your yard may be weak against big groups of Rocket D.A.V.E.s or other tank monsters. For that, you can use Monster Bunkers near the center of your base with Eye-ras to destroy the large groups of tank monsters.

Eye-ra + WormzerEdit

This method works well because when your bunkers are outside of your base, the Wormzers race ahead of your Eye-ras to defeat anything trying to bait your bunkers. ("Baiting" is when an attacker sends a monster to check what is inside the Monster Bunker. If there is an Eye-ra in it, the attacker's monster that was flung in would take the Eye-ra's suicide attack. The Ey-ra is now rendered completely useless to the defender.)If the Wormzers cannot defeat the enemy in time, then it's obvious that the Eye-Ras will explode on something worth exploding on. This method works best with Wormzer's Splash Damage, as it allows Wormzer to destroy baiting monsters faster.


Probably one of the most popular choices, D.A.V.E.'s high damage and health make it a great tank. D.A.V.E. becomes even more powerful with Rockets, allowing him to hit Teratorns, Zafreetis, and Fomor, making D.A.V.E. a good choice for Bunkers.


Bandito is a well balanced monster, and is quite effective. With the Whirlwind ability, they allow Bandito to take out large groups of low leveled mosnters, even when they are supported by a Zafreeti, making Bandito an effective choice for Bunkers.


Good for stalling the enemy monster and place some octo-ooze in your bunker if your base is prone to PPX( puttied project X). Recommended if your base has high or medium CF(Cover fire).

Pokey or other low health monstersEdit

Low health monsters can force the high attack monsters to damage inefficiently.

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