There are lots of people that play Battle Pirates, & as a consequence you'll find that there are many types of players to be found.

Coiner: Players who buy facebook credits to speed up researches, ship construction/repairs, upgrades, & buying resources.

Hackers: Players who use outside programs & tools to manipulate the game. These players typically have ultra powerful fleets at low levels, more land tiles then other players, increased weapon ranges beyond normal, & instant repairs on base damge & fleets.

Farmers: Players who attack the same bases whenever possible. The bases that are farmed usually have weak base designs, offer very little resistance, & or lots of resources. Other times its the person they are attacking originally attacked them in the past & they attack b/c of a grudge.

Farm: Players who are regularly attacked by the same player due to a bad base design or because they have lots of resources on hand to be stolen.

Miners: Players who focus on mining resources instead of hitting bases for them.

Base Hitters: Players with strong fleets that when ever they are playing attack bases.

Leaders: Players with strong fleets that usually help lead/guide a sector or are in charge of an alliance. They help make & enforce the rules that a sector follows. These players can either bring a sector together or they can help keep it in a state of free for all.

Alliance Members: Players who belong to an alliance. The alliance is typically made up of friends or by players who have similar ideals that play in the same sector. Alliances typically follow their Leaders rules, & may not always follow a sectors rules.

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