A Never Ending Chain is a chain of buildings designed to delay monsters.

Types of Never Ending ChainsEdit

There are 4 types of Never Ending Chains, though one of them makes your base a superfarm.

Never Ending Chain (NEC)Edit

The most common type of the Never Ending Chain is one made from lootless and non-defending buildings, and is simply called Never Ending Chain due to it's popularity.

Never Ending Chain of Resource Gatherers (NECoRG)Edit

The other type of NEC that is used is the NECoRG, Never ending chain of resource gatherers. It's just the Never ending chain with resource gatherers rather than lootless buildings.

Never Ending Chain of Towers (NECoT)Edit

When used right, this NEC can help stall monsters and increase CF. A ring of unprotected towers will lead to a farm base, though.

Never Ending Chain of Silos and Town Hall (NECoSaTH)Edit

Do not use this unless you wish to serve as no more than a farm.

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