File:Predator Submarine.png
Lighweight hull that can submerge itself underwater for a period of time. Great for sneak fleet attacks. This ship is refitable, can only be equiped with the new Havok Torpedoes and can fire both surfaced and submerged. While the sub is submerged it is invulnerable to ship weapons and invisible when far enough away. By carefully controlling a sub it is possible to defeate much stronger fleets. See the video below. The Predator Submarine is a good counter to any ship with weapons that have a minimum range bigger than that of the havok torpedoes. The sub disappears, by the time it reappears its within the minimum range of the ship.

NB: The Predator Submarine cannot be a fleet flagship, so you cannot make fleets consisting purely of Predator Submarines. The Predator submarine can be repaired within 5 minutes if it has no armor. When it is equiped with armor the repair time increases dramatically.

File:"Battle Pirates" Predator Sub Trial Run

Predator Submarine Stats
Weapon Slots 2
Armor Slots 1
Armor Points 80
Special Slots 1
Max Weight 400 Tons
Cargo 2500 Tons
Evade Bonus 0%
Combat Speed 12
Turn Speed 25
Map Speed 27
Underwater Weapon Yes
Refit-able Yes
Requirements Naval Lab 5
Time 14h 03m
Oil 642,903
Metal 514,323
Energy 411,458
Zynthium 822,916
Time + 5h 00m
Oil 205,652
Metal 123,391
Energy 120,826
Zynthium 77,120

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