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Repair time is determined by the amount of armor points that have been subtracted (hit) in a battle.

How to find out the repair time?Edit

1 armor point is equal to 1 second of repair.

Formula for repair time:

(armor at full repair-current armor)*seconds=repair time

Example: A ship has 40 armor points in full repair, and in its current state it has 10 armor points.

This worksout to be:

(40-10)*seconds = 30 seconds to repair.

Instead repair fleet Edit

Ships of up to 300 armor points can be repaired instantly using the free 5 minutes speed-up.

Using 5 of such ships in a fleet, you can use about 10 secs to repair them.

These fleets can be used to weaken fleets so that the main fleet can take less damage, and thereby reduce repair time for those big guns.

How about Subs?Edit

Subs take 4 times as long to repair compared to ships. that is 1 subs armor needs 4 seconds to repair.

Predator subs armour point is 80, therefore it needs 5 minutes and 20 seconds to repair, so it can only be instantly repaired if you have a repair officer.

Why subs take so long to repair?Edit

  • Subs have a very big advantage over ships due to their long range harpoons and underwater capability (therefore hidden from view from normal ships).
  • They are hidden about 80% of their time and ships can hit them only when they are surfaced.
    • only smaller ship hulls can equipe underwater weapons which can hit underwater subs.
    • you need to detect underwater subs in the first place, so you must have sonar upgrade.

Does Having a repair expert in the great hall help?Edit

Yes, A repair expert who can increase repair time by 1 sec per armor point. Therefore repair speed is 1.1 sec per armor point.

How come I can repair in half time stated?Edit

In Raid Revenge 4, The repair cost are reduce by 50% or 0.5 (0.55 with reapir expert) armor per second. Subs also repair quickly then. After the Raid, repair time has been normal.

Why my ships are not damaged when I return to base and open the dock?Edit

This is a glitch, BP is still Beta.

I want to built a instant repair fleet, what kind of ship hull should I use?Edit

  • Marauders has 190 armor, with either Steel2 x1or Tit1 x1 or Steel1 x2 as armor.
  • Pred sub with no armor has a 5.33 min repair time. This is near instant repair.

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