Resources play a major role in Battle Pirates, as they are used in nearly every aspect of gameplay. There are four main resources (Oil, Metal, Energy, and Zynthium) and one bonus resource (gold).The four main resources are all used in the construction of buildings, ships, rockets, in the researching of Hulls, Weapons, Specialization attributes and in repairing fleets.

Resourses can be gathered by attacking Draconian Salvage fleets, Draconian bases , Mines on the main map, collected from resources buildings constructed within your base or taken from other players bases and fleets.

The amount of resources collected from salvage fleets, resources deposits and resource buildings will depend on the level of the deposit or fleet. While the amount of resrouces collected from players will depend on the amount of resources they have on their fleet or within their base and the buildings destroyed and your attacking fleet cargo capacity. While attacking a base, your fleet can hold 500% of it's regular cargo capacity.



Gold was the currency used in the place of Facebook credits that were granted to players for incentive to purchase more once they are familiar with that comfort. They have currently been disabled, and replaced with regular Facebook coins.

Coins could be used to finish building, researching, upgrading, and repairing, as well as filling up resource levels. Normal players started with 1,200 coins, but alpha testers started with 2,000 coins as thanks for their hard work.

Although the Facebook coin system currently in place fills all the gaps left by the coins, it is currently unknown if a new free system will be implemented.

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