Scrapping and refitting Weapons and Special upgradesEdit

Scrapping destroys the Ship and returns a certain portion of the building costs.

Refitting a ship cannot be done on gunships, skimisers and longships. However it can be performed on larger hulls.

The Dock must not be upgrading or doing other work for this action.


Reasons to refitEdit

  • The common reason to refit is to reuse the ship hull for another special purpose.
  • One can upgrade weapons or change special upgrades.

How to Scrap/refit shipsEdit

Only ships that are in a fleet can be scrapped or refitted.

  1. Goto the dock.
  2. Scroll through the fleet of ships to find the one you want to scrap or refit.
  3. Double click on the ship and the ship information will show.
  4. At the bottom of that screen, there is a scrap and a refit button.
  • If you press "scrap", the scrap warning will show the value returning.
  • If you press "refit", it will show a "refit mode". do whatever you want and it will show you the cost of refit.

Note: Only Battle Barge and above can be refitted. Gunships, skimisers , marauders and longships can only be scrapped.

Cost and time needed to refitEdit

  1. Taking away weapons or upgrades or armor does not give back the building cost and incurs time lost.
  2. Replacing old weapons etc is like adding a new one.
  3. adding new weapons etc cost time and resources.

My ship cannot fit in my fleet due to extra weightEdit

The solution is very simple, refit again and weight it carefully, making sure the new ships is within weight limits.

Secondly, upgrade dock will almost increase 100% weight limit of fleet.

Thirdly, put the ship in another fleet.

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