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2011-09-02 - New upgrades in the monster lab and bug fix galore!

Team BYM has added new abilities to the Monster Lab!

  • Fang injects venom into the veins of his enemies, which continues to cause damage well after the bite.
  • Eye-ra launches himself up to attack air units, causing splash damage to both air and ground targets.

While we were at it, we also squashed a few bugs:

  • Hack: Instantly Repair Buildings *
  • Hack: God mode - infinite damage *
  • Champion freezing during attacks
  • Aerial Defense Towers, not shooting, and/or 0 damage
  • Alliance Ranks aren't being displayed correctly in the alliance lists

A number of Alliance bugs were also fixed this week, but will be released early next week!

Have a great weekend, Team BYM

  • We also track attempts on these hacks now, so those even trying to use them will get auto-suspended.

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