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BYM Update 2011-09-29

  1. Chat is now below the game so it takes up less space, it can still be expanded if you wish.
  2. Recommended quests are listed next to chat making it quick and easy to see what you should be doing next.
  3. If you have multiple outposts you can now cycle through them (icon next to your outpost count)
  4. Some changes to address the issue of "Jumpers": Today's update introduces some restrictions on how frequently players can relocate their main yard. We've been listening to player feedback about jumping and the balance between jumpers and empire builders, and while we feel that both strategies are legitimate ways to play the game, we want to ensure that there is a balance between the play styles. We feel that this limitation will address the balance, but as always, your feedback is welcome.
  5. Bug and hack fixes, more hackers banned.


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