What is Shiny?Edit

ShinyShiny is the single most valuable resource you have acess to in Backyard Monsters. It can be used for many things, such as speeding up monster production and buildings, buying decorations and purchasing other resources. It is the only resource that is usable in both the normal world and Inferno.It serves as the paid currency of BYM. As more and more things can be bought with shiny, people with tons of shiny are pretty much invincible. Shiny helps players reach new heights in the game and so far, KIXEYE has made $178,000 from customers who have purchased shiny, and KIXEYE says it is "a completely safe transaction and your credit and/or debit card information will not be revealed or charged multiple times", effectively assuring you that it is safe to purchase shiny from KIXEYE without worry that your credit and/or debit card information will be revealed.

How Do I Receive Shiny? Edit

There are seven ways to aquire shiny:

  • You are given 1,000 free shiny upon building the General Store in the tutorial. This will be the majority of the free shiny you can earn.
  • Players can "Gift Shiny" to friends.
  • Purchase using facebook credits.
  • Some quests reward shiny upon completion.
  • Picking mushrooms has a random chance of rewarding you with 3 or 8 shiny. Note: A worker must be free to pick mushrooms.
  • There are rare special occasions that give free shiny. Last Year's Halloween rewarded players 100 Shiny upon opening the giant pumpkin.


Only Philipine BYM players can't get some mushrooms.