The Skirmisher is the first type of hull a player can research at the Naval Lab. It has greater max weight, armor points and cargo capacity than the Gunboat but is also slightly slower as a trade off, having a map speed of 43mph and a combat speed of 20mph. It is tied with the Gunboat for highest evade bonus at 30%.

Skirmishers are a good early on replacement for the Gunboat, able to use much heavier weapons and armor. They are used mostly up until players have researched the Longship, (and switched to using only using Longships thereafter). They do, however make good scouts, resource stealers and probe ships alongside Gunboats, even at much higher player levels.

They can also be used as flagships for fleets composed of much larger ships, masking the true intent of a fleet, baiting players into attacking the fleet looking for an easy kill.

Skirmisher Stats
Weapon Slots 1
Armor Slots 1
Special Slots 0
Armor Points 27
Max Weight 82 Tons
Cargo 1,968 Tons
Evade bonus 25%
Combat Speed 20
Turn Speed 48
Map Speed 43 mph
Underwater Weapons Yes
Refit-able No
Requirements Naval Lab 1
Time 6m
Oil 7,693
Metal 6,154
Energy 5,770
Zynthium 6,923
Time 2m 00s
Oil 1,399
Metal 839
Energy 699
Zynthium 525

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