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In-game Sprite
File:Spurtz Animation.png
Strongbox Level1
Favorite TargetAnything
DescriptionBorn in the magma pits that dot the Inferno landscape, Spurtz are hotheads who will attack anything in their path.
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Upgrade Progression Edit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Movement Speed 1.2kph 1.2kph 1.2kph 1.2kph 1.2kph 1.2kph
Health 400 425 450 475 510 550
Damage 120 130 140 150 160 175
Magma Cost Magma-icon500 Magma-icon? Magma-icon? Magma-icon? Magma-icon? Magma-icon?
Housing Space 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces
Production Time 15s 10s 8s 7s 6s 5s
Upgrade Cost Free 2,400 TBA TBA TBA TBA
Upgrade Time TBA 1h TBA TBA TBA TBA


  • Spurtz is the only monster that always seem to be on fire.
  • Like the Pokey, Spurtz is the first monster you unlock, and both are shaped like a ball.
  • It's Backyard counterpart is Pokey.
  • Spurtz hovers a little above the ground. Because of this, some people believed that Spurtz would not be able to trip booby traps. This has been proven false, however.
  • At Level 1, they have 2x more health and damage than a Level 1 Pokey

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