File:Spurtz Animation.png

Note: The info in the guide is based on the known stats and behavior of the monster, and might not be accuarate.


Spurtz are the Pokies in Inferno, with a very low health, damage and production time. However, their large Compound space requirement made them just fast fillers rather than something that's actually of much use in battle. Unfortunatly, it is also the only Anything monster avalible in inferno before the King Wormzer, which is unlocked last. Means that you WILL have to resort to them if you want to destroy an enemy's habitat without destroying the rest of the base unless you have King Wormzer .

If you want to destroy an enemy´s compound(habitat) at low levels you can place a large group of Zagnoids on the enemy´s yard boundary that is in front of the compound so the monsters in there will chase them, then you can place Spurtz to destroy the yard, helped by the Zagnoids and destroying the compound.


They are cheap and quick to produce, but their stats made them very vulernable to any splash damage. Earthquake King Wormzers will take them out with just the splash damage,but,this is a good defense monster for low level,because they battle monsters all vs 1,1 by 1(ussually)

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