An stationary outpost.

Terrain can be used to to change the look of your base and either make certain areas or your base wider or smaller. There are 2 types of terrain- Landfill and Water, Lanfill is used for placing over water in order to make more space for buildings or defences. Water does the opposite of Landfill instead it removed space for either placing buildings (Oil-rig, shipyard or dock) or to be able to use the removed landfill terrain in another area of your base. There are 3 types of terrain options for both land and water. Those are 1 tile, 2 tile vertical or 2 tile horizontal. As you upgrade your Outpost you will get more terrain tiles you can place. You can build canals with your terrain, but you can't build ponds. For a canal there has to be at least 2 open water spaces between the two land tiles. Same if you go to remove land, you can't remove just one piece if it is between two other land tiles, you have to remove 2 land tiles.

Outpost level 1 = 40 tiles

Outpost level 2 = 51 tiles

Outpost level 3 = 62 tiles

Outpost level 4 = 73 tiles

Outpost level 5 = 85 tiles

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