This is for tip and tricks that experenced player have learned to pass onto new players just starting the game.


  • Ask questions! If you don't understand something or need help of any kind just ask. There is a good chance that someone will help you.
  • Ask in chat for sector borders and for any rules of the sector that you have joined. Some sectors may have rules they follow to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. This can help you avoid breaking sector rules & causing unnecessary problems for yourself or others in your sector.
  • Why can't I send merc fleets and resource crates? This is because the game allows a player to receive only one merc fleet AND one resource crate per-day. This means that if the player your looking for is not in your friends list to send a merc fleet or resource crate to, it is because they have already received one that day. That is the reason they are not showing up in the list. This is confirmed here.
  • Comms
    • A Fast way to list base coords. Type /base in the chat line and press enter. This is a fast way for a player under base attack to quickly list their base coords for other players to see so that they might receive help.
    • You can type some coordinates in the comms window (exactly as they appear in the game Ex: 53456,123) and then click on them as a kind of temporary bookmark.

Ships and FleetsEdit

  • To repair your ships faster in the early stages of the game break up you fleet into segmets and repair them so that the fleets repair time is less than 5 mins.
    • To do this remove damaged ships from a fleet untill the repair time says less that 5 mins then repair those ships.
    • After you get those ships in the fleet repaired add more damaged ones keeping the time below 5 min so your can use the speed-up feature and complete repairs fast untill the fleet is fully repaired.
  • Making ships that have 300 ship health allows you to speed-up repair on them because it need 5 minute to repair. If you have a repair officer your ships can have a maximum of 325 health & still have instant repairs.
    • The game repairs at a speed of 1 ship health per second. So, 5 min max time for speed-up feature makes 60 ship health per min equals 5 X 60 = 300 ship health.
    • With the use of the tip above you can repair a fleet of ships, were each ship has less than 300 ship health, that should take close to 25 min in less that 1 min.
    • Subs repair at 1 ship health per 4 seconds.
    • Example 1. Marauder with Titanium I armor 295 armor which is a 4min 55sec repair time.
    • Example 2. Predator Submarine with no armor has base of 80 armor & a repair time of 5min 33sec.
  • Place ships of less than 300 ship health as the front ships in fleets that are attacking Dracanion fleets so they can soak up the damage and have heavyer ships following them up to deal the killing blow. This will allow you to keep fleets repaired up and in fighting shape when dealing with most NPC fleets.
  • There is an offline Ship Builder utillity available in which different hull configurations can be tested offline. It gives build times, damage, repair time, etc. However, please note that as of the time this was written, the Offline Ship Builder does not incorporate some of the newer specials, or any draconian technology.
  • Timing out battles - If your fleet gets into a battle by mistake with another players fleet both players are able to get out of the battle without taking any damage by each turning their fleets away from each other and staying out of weapon range. Then the players just have to wait 5 mins for the battle to time out.
  • Flipping between ships in ship battles - While in fleet combat you can hit the left and right arrow keys to jump or flip between the ships in your fleet.
  • If your fleet attacks a base, it can hold up to 500% of it's regular max cargo. That is provided that the base has so much resources.
  • If your fleet is mining and is in danger of being attacked by a Draconinan fleet, you can release the resource. Then your fleet won't be attacked. Afterwards you can easily reclaim the resource and continue mining.
  • A white skull on a resource or salvage fleet means you control a mine or cargo ship, a red skull means it is controlled by another player, and a red dragon on the flag mean's it is computer controlled. You can very easy take over a salvage fleet or resource that is unoccupied and controlled by another player. Carefull though, the other player might not like it.
  • You can hide a fleet under a drac base for an ambush. You can't be hit that way.

Base DesignEdit

A base is never indestructable, but you should try and make it as hard as possible to hit so that potential attackers will go after easier targets.
All bases should:

  1. Have good tower coverage where most of the defence platforms can protect each other.
    • Upgrade turrets and the defence platform to max level.
    • Upgrade walls to max levels and place them beside turrets.
    • Combine turrets of different weapon damage and range.
    • Place some flaks and anti-mortars to reduce damages.
    • Turrets spread out enough to avoid splash damage.
  2. Be impossible to get to the warehouses, outpost and any other important building without having to get past all the defences first.
    • Build a moat using 1 land fill about 2 waterfill around the outpost and warehouses.
      • Special note: If you are level 20 and above, you will probably start to meet levis and FFs, SWBs and PMs, so you will need a bigger, 4 water and 1 landfill, gap.
      • Missile sniping is not hurtful but you still need to repair.
    • Place outpost and warehouse and 4 upgraded buildings in the small island 4 by 4 landfills area.
    • Place all defences at 1 or 2 places so that they work together to form a kill zones at turning points.
    • Add more than 1 narrow turns to slow down bigger ships like FF and Levis.
    • Place howitzers at the front, missiles and mortars at the back.
    • Protect turrents from being snipered too.
  3. Use the Resource gatherers and 2-3 buildings as bait to quickly reach 25% base damage, so that second attack cannot start immediately.

So far the best base layout that included all these is the spiral but with the latest changes in weapon range changes and that islands are now allowed, there are many other types of bases slowly appearing.

Why protect Outpost and warehouses?Edit

  • Outpost give 20% of total resources, while each warehouse lose % resources and RGs lose their portion of the loot they generated.
  • Outpost is also the hardest to repair, OP4 about 2.5 hrs. Warehouses level 7 takes about 30 minutes.
  • All upgrades stops until you repair them to full health.
  • When the Dock is damaged, it cannot send fleets out. Level 6 Dock takes about 15 minutes to repair.

Ship weapon range and Landfill/seafillsEdit

PM has the longest range of 84

Range of weapons is about it radius, not diameter. And mortar must be able to target the middle of the building before shooting, therefore do not put walls in the inner island as mortars can target walls and splash damage your OP.

Threats to baseEdit

  1. Cannons: Built level 3 and above walls.
  2. Missiles: Built level 3 and above walls. Place some flak turrents.
  3. Mortars: Design base with moats 2-3 tiles away and sharp turnings.
  4. Focus fleet: Design focus fire areas where all ships entering must pass.
  5. KY attackers people who slip through Sentry & Howie defenses. A good cure for that is howitzers 3 & 4.​

Base PlanningEdit


  1. OP: Outpost
  2. WH: Warehouse
  3. RG: Resource Gatherer
  4. DP: Damage Protection aka (Bubble)

The best layout for Outpost 3, 4, & 5 are different due to the amount of land tiles & amount of buildings available per OP level. A player can however take future outpost layouts in consideration when designing their current base layout, which can make the redesign easier in the future.

Building Repair TimesEdit

Repair times for buildings varies depending on the building & building level. The higher the level of the building the longer it will take for it to be fully repaired. This also applies to defensive platforms as well. In some cases certain buildings like the Great Hall can be repaired instantly.

Damage ProtectionEdit

Damage Protection: Is NOT determined by the amount of buildings destroyed vs the total amount of buildings you have. Instead it IS determined by the health of the buildings destroyed to your overall base health. This makes it extremely difficult to determine what needs to be destroyed in during a prep wave attack to give you a bubble since we can't see what a buildings health number is. With this in mind you want to place your RG's with the highest level near the beginning of where an attacker needs to go to get to your WH & OP. This way you'll have a better chance of getting a DP bubble. Maximizing your RG's to your OP's level & placing non essintial large buildings near the front will also help contribute in you getting a 25% DP bubble during a prep wave attack.

Sacrificial BuildingsEdit

Always Sacrificial: Oil Rig, Metal Foundry, Wind Turbine, Zynthium Refinery, War Academy, Shipyard, Intelligence Lab, Great Hall, Radio Tower, Trading Post

Sacrificed During Special Circumstances: These buildings should only be sacrificed when they are researching or not being used Weapons Lab, Advanced Lab, & Naval Lab. If you have an area with your OP & WH's that was being used to protect labs while upgrading, you can move the Launch Pad there once your labs are all level 10 to protect your rockets. If the launch pad is destroyed it not only takes a long time to repair, but any rockets that may have been ready to use will also be destroyed.

Buildings to ProtectEdit

  • Protect OP & WH: You want to protect your OP & WH's as much as possible. You lose 20% of your resources when your OP is destroyed, and 10% for EACH warehouse lost.
  • Sacrifice your RG: RG's are NOT important to defend. If they are destroyed, you only lose what is in them and they repair fast. Place these near the front of where an attacker has to go to get to your OP & WH, so if he fails in the first attempt you might get a bubble which will prevent a second attempt. Another reason to place them in the front is so that his ships fill up on the RG's resources so if they do destroy your OP & WH's you keep more of what you have.
  • Protect your Dock: A destroyed dock must be repaired before you can launch fleets. Ex: A level 7 dock takes about 22 minutes to repair.
  • Protect Upgrading Labs: If a building that is upgrading is destroyed you not only have to repair it before upgrading continues, but extra time of (?1-12hrs?) is added onto the time it takes to complete the upgrade (I know, it sucks). Research will still carry on even if the lab conducting the research is destroyed. There are not enough land tiles even with an OP5, to safely protect all of your labs at the same time. Common practice is to move the lab you want to upgrade to where your OP & WH are located then start upgrading it. Buildings that are upgrading can NOT be moved until upgrades are complete.


  • Upgrade Defense Platforms & Walls: Research/upgrade your defensive platforms & walls to level 3 ASAP. Level 1 and 2 platforms will be destroyed fast. Lvl 3 will make the attacker decide if it is worth the repairs to attack you. Once you are level 20 or higher start focusing on getting level 4 defenses, since at level 22 players that are level 27 with Floating Fortress fleets & Du4 armor can get past level 3 defenses with minimal losses.
  • Upgrade Defense Weapons: Level 1 and 2 defensive weapons do not hit hard enough to protect your base once you are past lvl 17. Researching level 3 defensive weapons & adding them to defensive platforms will help deter players from attacking. The higher you get past level 20, the more important it is to get level 4 defense platforms & weapons or you'll find getting those expensive upgrades like OP5 & Depeleted Uranium 4 nearly impossible to start.
  • Upgade Walls: Walls help slow down ballistic attacks & when surrounding defensive platforms helps to protect them from splash damage. To help minimize damage from Orion Missiles you want at least 2 walls between your defensive platforms when possible. If you find that the person attacking you the most is using a ballistic fleet you can double up your walls on the side the attack is coming from. This makes it harder for the attacker to take out your defensive platforms since they would have to stop to take out the walls & platforms causing them to take lots of damage.
  • Anti-Weapon Defense Weapons: Level 1 & 2 do not protect much against fleets made up entirely of the type they are protecting against, but they do help your platforms stay up longer. In the end game you'll find that if you only have 1 that it will have a bunker buster used against it or a pinch rocket used on it. Making your other turrets more vulnerable. If used closer to your OP it can help keep your OP safe if only one ship of that type makes it past your other defenses keeping it from even damaging the buildings it is protecting.
  • Anti-Mortar Weapons on Attacking Ships: When bases with Victory Mortars face fleets with anti-mortar weapons on them, they become ineffective if every ship has one on them. The only way these fleets can be damaged even if they have 1 anti-mortar per ship is by having 6 Victory Mortars. Place Victory Mortars so they have the most damage coverage for your canal & can protect your OP if ships get past your other defenses & stop to focus attacks on it.
  • Placing Defensive Platforms: Place all defenses in 1st or 2nd land tiles, unless deploying mortars since mortars have minimum and maximum attack range. Most fleets stop to attack howitzers at range, which is why its good to place Sentry Towers next to them to provide coverage. Howitzers have the most benefit if placed so they are protecting turns. There are a lot of good base ideas & platform placement ideas on the kixeye forums. Just remember that no setup is proof against everything, there are always ways to get around them. Its best to find one that works best for you & against most attack types.


  • Base defense MUST be your priority. Fleet/ship upgrades are secondary. A common thing I hear a lot on this is that you MUST be able to protect what you steal or whats the point of stealing it when someone can steal it back from you.

Guarding BasesEdit

  • One can choose to use fleets in the map interface (screen) to "guard base" so that other players cannot go straight to one's base.
    1. This serves as the first line of defense against base hitters. It also servers as an early warning system to you if your online when these fleets come under attack.
    2. However, be aware that by placing all of your fleets on guard, that you may have to suffer the fate of not being able to repair all of your fleets. This can be especially true if you have low levels of one resource type before or after your base is hit.
    3. Note: Resources are required & used to repair bases after damaging attacks.

Player FarmsEdit

Farming is the process where other players rob you of your riches regularly.

  • Farms: These are player bases that are easy to attack, not very protected, & have very large profits with low repair costs. (Square bases typically become farms)

How to Stop/Prevent FarmingEdit

  • OP Mortar or Solid Fuel Booster Protection: Change your base design ASAP, & create a moat around your Outpost and warehouses. Most attacker fleets are made up of Mortars, the new trend are fleets using Missiles with Solid Fuel Boosters (SFB). If your below level 15 2 tiles of water between your OP & WH's should be sufficient as most attackers won't be using SFB yet only Diplomat Mortars. Once you reach level 15+ & have a OP of level 3+ you'll need at least 3 tiles of water between your OP & WH's to protect them from Peacemaker Mortars. When you start seeing Fleets with SFB II & III you'll need 4 tiles of water to protect you.
  • Fortifying: Do NOT Fortify your sacrificial buildings past level 2 these buildings when destroyed help you get your bubble. If the fleets can go past them & not destroy them, & are instead destroying your Defense Platforms then if they fail you might not get a bubble. That player can then send in a second attack fleet, to finish taking those buildings & getting past what ever defenses you have left to then focus on your OP & WH's. So, you want these buildings destroyed quickly within one or two hits, but at the same time they need to help slow down the attackers fleet to give your Defenses a chance to sink ships without taking damage. Oil Rigs are the exception as fleets need to destroy them to move further into your base. Fortify as high as you can your OP & Warehouses since these are the main targets of your attacker. Even if they make it to your OP & WH, if they can't destroy them before the timer is up they don't get the resources they hold.
  • After Attacks While Under DP: Change the design of your base, & change where the entrance to the inside of your base is located. There are lots of good designs & design ideas on the kixeye forums. A lot of good designs can be found here & here.
  • What to do While Under DP: Stay under your DP for the duration & do all of your upgrading/resource gathering during this time. Try to have it spent before your DP drops. Higher WH levels can also mask how much resources you actually have on hand, making it seem like you have very little resources. Another way to protect your resources is if you have a guard fleet & are online when it comes under attack start a large upgrade, research, or ship construction using as many of your resources as possible. After the attacker leaves possibly after a base hit. Once repairs are complete you can cancel the things you started to get back most of your resources & then start saving up again for what you really want.
  • Hit the Attackers Fleets: After you get your DP bubble, locate the attackers base & any mining areas around it. If they have fleets guarding their base or out mining then send your fleets to attack. This should upset them in several ways.
    1. That your actually attacking back & if you defeat his fleets your causing him to have to repair them instead of being able to use them.
    2. Your causing him to have to spend resources to repair his fleets instead of on upgrades or researches.
    3. By getting him to spend resources & time in repairing fleets, your making yourself an undesirable target. The thing most players look for are easy targets that get them decent amounts of resources for as little trouble as possible. When you start cutting into the profits they are getting from you then the more likely they are to leave you alone. Especially if they can't attack you b/c of the DP bubbles that they have been giving you. This can be a double edged sword as more then likely this person will want to hit you back for even thinking of attacking them in the first place. At least it shows them you won't just lay down without a fight, & that you will fight back.
    4. Give the attackers base to as many of your sectors base hitters as possible that way they are coming under attack as much as possible by others in your sector giving them another target to focus on instead of you. Just don't spam it in comms or you could upset your sector for spamming. Once or twice a day at different times is reasonable, & check to see if that player has a bubble or not first. If they do then it would be pointless to even post their coordinates.
  • Attacker Hiding Under DP:
    1. That they have a poor base design & that they themselves are an easy target.
    2. They have lots of resources piled up & are afraid of losing them.
    3. That you will get a strong player from your sector to destroy their base.
    4. They've already been attacked by someone.
  • Attacker Protecting their Base with Fleets: Basically just play cat & mouse with them. Hit his ships when you can, & if his base is open attack it. You can always skim his base hitting his Gatherers taking whatever they have to give. Though skimming isn't best done while the player is online or just after they attack you, as the gatherers will most likely already have been cleared out & you won't get much benefit from doing it. If they get a bubble then they might decide to stay under it, giving you even more free time without being attacked by that player.

Mining vs Salvages vs Base HittingEdit

  • Mining: Should only be done when you need one particular resource type or your not going to be playing for awhile. You can use a cheap fleet to unlock a higher level mine, & if you release it then attack with your mining fleet it will gain the left over resources your cheap fleet couldn't take.
  • Salvages: These should be your focus when your going to be online & active. Hit them with your cheap instant repair fleets. For more information you can check here & in our Draconian Salvage Tactics.
  • Base Hitting: This should only be done if you have the fleets to hit bases & the defenses to prevent that player from taking back what you steal. At low levels this doesn't really benefit you as you'll level up faster, & become more of a target to higher level players. Focus on salvages instead for resources as you'll find them much closer & with practice easier to hit then bases.

Base Setup and Defense 101Edit

Follow these tips and you will be able to create a formidable fortress and hold on to your resources.

  • Protect your Outpost and Warehouses at all costs. If you lose these buildings you lose your resources.
    • Use those resources up as soon as possible to reduce lost.
    • Regularly bank resources to reduce lost. (it is a good practice to bank in resources every 7 hours.)
  • Defensive weapons - Don't bother spreading them out to try to cover your entire base.
    • An attacker doesn't care about your entire base, they just want your resources. Arrange your turrets so all your defensive fire is focused on one spot...the attacking fleet.
    • Protect your weapons with walls, and built 2 layers of them.
    • Place Defence weapons 1 to 2 spaces apart to put walls and to prevent splash damages.
    • Use a mixed variety of weapons: Howitzers, Missiles and Mortars together with anti-mortar and anti-missiles flak turrents.
  • Re-arrange your land tiles to force attacking fleets to take a specified route that requires tight turning. There are several designs that you can use in order to make your base more effective at protecting your resources.
    • Canals need to be at least 4-squares wide to prevent peacemaker mortars from hitting.
    • You only need to guard the Warehouses and Outpost.
      • Anything else should be placed upfront to draw fire from the attacking fleet and give your guns more time to target it.
  • Help the attacker to trigger the Damage protection (also called "Bubble") and thereby avoid being attacked the second time immediately.
    • Damage protection(DP) means that nobody can attack your base for a certain amount of time.
    • Damage protection duration is determined by the amount of damage the attacker has done to the base.
      • 25%-50% damage: 18 hours DP.
      • >50% damages: 1 day 12 hours DP.
      • Put Buildings near defence weapons to draw fire and increase chances of DP.

Friendly bubblesEdit

If two (or more) players "attack" and then "retreat" without doing each others bases any damage, after a certain number of attacks you get a bubble.

  • After 4 times you get a 1 hour bubble;
  • At 9 times you get a 2 day bubble.

note: this doesn't require you to do any damage to each other. but two things you need to know to do it right.

  1. Only one person attacks at a time, then, once he's out of the other guys base, the other guy attacks his base.. both retreating.
  2. Only if you BOTH attack at the same time one the 10th attack, then you BOTH get the 2 day bubble.

If more than two people want to bubble, pick one to hit each person, doing them one at a time, and just moving to the next after the 10th attack on them. then on the last person they bubble, they have that person hit them at the same time on the 10th hit so everyone has a 2 day bubble.

Also note this is why if attacking to kill a base and you enter and leave to many times it will bubble... you may not have been the first one there!

Alternatively, you can get your friends to hit your base enough to trigger damage protection.

However this tactic is very wimp-like. And will get you made fun of in your sector.

  • 25-50% will get you an 18 hour bubble
  • >= 50% and/or the destruction of the Outpost will get you a 1.5 day/1 day 12 hours bubble. A destroyed Outpost alone already gives you resources according to what that player has. outpost gives out more resources than warehouses.

High level base Design (18+)Edit

Curtis Smale published some really good base designs on the Battle Pirates Forum.

Outpost 4

Outpost 5

Draconian Salvage Fleet TacticsEdit

This section is for tactics that players have developed to taken down Draconian salvage fleet fast and easy. When you defeat Draconian Salvage fleets or Draconian fleets guarding resource depots you receive resources and can find Draconian Blueprint parts. These blueprint parts are collected in the intelligence center and give you access to Draconian weapons when the blueprint is complete and the requirements are met.

One method that always works for salvage fleets levels 1-6 and resources 1-8, and sometimes higher: Four Submarines with Havok Torpedoes4, No armor, Engine Upgrade1 or higher, (if you have Shipyard2, use ...) and some small, fast and easy repairable ship. The key to this is to start with one sub to get used to the timing, and then move to the four-ship fleet. In the battle, turn your ships around, and time their movements so that they stay just ahead of the drac fleets. If you can target the drac ships with missiles, do it; after they're all sunk, you have a lot more leeway when controlling your fleet. Proven tactic, very simple and widely used. Masarykoi 18:03, December 20, 2011 (UTC)

If you don't like controlling your ships a good rule to keep in mind is: "Don't hit if it won't fit." Make sure your cargo is equal or greater than the salvage drop.

Note: The resource dropped is divided between the four resources with slightly more metal than oil, slighly more energy than metal and slightly more zythium than energy.

Level 1-3 FleetsEdit

File:Level 1 to 3.png

The Fleet Makeup

  • Make a fleet with the lead ship (flagship) and/or ships (fleet slots 3 and 4) with below 300 HP, so it/they can be speed-up repaired.
  • Marauder's and Longships are best used for this.
  • Lower level players use their best ships. but attack in fleets of 4 or 5 ships as draconian fleets have only 3 ships.
  • Range and power is important here as draconian ships are using thud 1 or 2 and some rapier 1 or 2, anything like cutlass (longer range) and thud/rapier 3 or 4 (power) is ok.
  • These drop resources from 15,000 - 35,000 depending on the level
  • Splash damage can easily take out half the attacking fleet due to their low armor

Level 4 Fleets
File:Level 4.png

Level 4 fleets consists of 3 longboat sized and 2 skirmisher sized ships. Use ships with heavy splash damage. Use a marauder fleet with instant repair. Drops resources in the 100,000 - 200,000 range.

Level 5 Fleets
File:Level 5.png

Consists of 3 marauder sized and 2 longboat sized draconian ships. The two small ships have close range weapons. One of the bigger ships has splash rockets. One has Assault/Siege Cannons. The last one probably has Strike Missiles. This is good for auto-attacking. Their fleets are relatively weak and have low damage. Drops resources in the 300,000 - 400,000 range.

Level 6 Fleets
File:Level 6.png

Actually the old turn and run with DM3 or PM is very effective. just note that the 2 faster mortar ships should be the trigger for your mortar firing. If you destroy the 2 mortar ships, then you will face the three other BB which have close range weapons like hydra and cutlass.

You need engine 1 and thruster 2 upgrade too so that you can turn faster at the edge of map.

Old Strategy: Have several ships with mortars, turn the ships to face away from the oncoming Draconian Ships, then when at the edge of your Mortar range start moving your ships towards the edge of the map. This way the Draconian Ships will move into your falling Mortars. When near the edge of the map turn one ship up or down & have the others stop. Most of the lead ships will follow the one turning, allowing your others to follow parrallel & dealing damage destroying the remaining Draconian Ships.

Drops around 500,000 - 750,000 resources

Level 7 Fleets
File:Level 7.png

Level 7 fleets can be attacked with fast hulls with engines and strong armor. These Draconian fleets have weak short range defences, so if you succeed in getting close to them fast, they won't have time to hurt you bad and have no defense against your strong short range weapons. This also works on level 8 fleets.

This is a tip I got from an other player and I have not been able to test this strategy personally, so let me know how it goes.

no doubt direct assult is a good way, but the repair cost and time maybe a bit high as the big ship may have one short range weapon.

Kiting the 4 marauders with mortars first and then circling the big ship with mortar will finish them off.

Gives around 1,100,000 - 1,400,000

Level 8 FleetsEdit

File:Level 8.png

Level 8 fleets are only for high levelers, (25+) but are extremly worthwhile to really stock up on resources

Level 8 fleets are notirously difficult because they have a MASSIVE ship with 8 (yes, 8!) weapons and Huge shells.

The best way of dealing with these is using your own big ships, your FF`s (Floating Fortresses), a sea wolf and a SS (Stalker Submarine). send your 3 FFs turning around to head away from the draconians, while your SS and your sea wolfcircle around out of range. When the draconians reach your FFs, speed the sea wolf and SS into the back of them, and, with your SS armed with rippers and your sea wolf armed with max level HR (Hydra Rockets) and watch as the Draconian fleet is bombarded with 30 Rockets!...

Another tactic uses 2 seawolfs armed thuds with hardened barrels3, no armour and engine upgrade2 and 2 subs engine upgrade2 no armour.. Picks off the 2 small ships with the subs and then slaughters the 3 other ships with the seawolfs, this can be done fast and very often without damage. No armour equals less repair time and costs.

Tactic 3 is equip a seawolf with cutlass missiles 3 and solid fuel, engines 2 or 3, no armor and laser targeting. once you enter battle take out the small missile ships from a distance solid fuel should give you extra range to kill small missile ships. after missile ships are gone move on to the bigger siege cannon ships the are easier once those two are out you should be left with a drac ff to sink for the final ship use sea wolf to circle ship.

Level 9 FleetsEdit

Level 9 fleets consist solely of the Draconian equivalent of FF's. Some appear to have engine upgrade since they don't travel at the same speed. These FFs have mortars, cutlasses and hydras. the cutlass seems to have the range of SFB 1.

One of the easiest ways is to use submarines. Park your submarines right before they submerge and move only when the close combat based ships come to close as they can scan out your position. If your subs have ion thrusters installed on them then you can repeatedly do hit-and-run tactics on the long-range ships.

If your subs have level 2 or 3 engine upgrades you can just continuously circle mortar based ships but make sure your ships are stacked or really close.

If you are a high leveled player you can use a wolf destroyer with level 4 Thuds with Auto-Loader III, any damage reducing armour, and Engine III. Use whatever armor you like. This gives the ship KICKASS reload, an INSANE speed, and a BADASS damage reduction. It has a reload that is almost as fast as a Ripper. You could use Hardened Barrels III, but doesn't has the range it used to due to a badly needed balance that kixeye did, but still makes it usefull as it would have more range than any balistic weapons and it increase its damage range.

As an alternitave. You could use a cutlass combo, or a Drac rocket combo, or a combo of BOTH. But if you use the alternative. Your going to have to switch the specials with something that can boost the preformance of penetrating weapons. Works with Leviathans too. Level 9 Draconian Salvage fleet drops resources in the 4 million range with slightly more zynthium.

NOTE: for the draconian mines tactics are almost the same except the fleets are weaker (I.E, two levels lower than draconian salvages)

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