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Welcome to the War Commander WikiEdit

September 13, 2011 War Commander entered open-beta.

War CommanderEdit


Developed by Kixeye formally Casual Collective, an independent developer, co founded by David Scott in 2007 based in San Francisco, California. Other titles developed by Kixeye include Backyard Monsters, Battle Pirates, and Desktop Defender.


War Commander is a free to play RTS game, currently only on the Facebook platform. At first glance it looks like the classic Red Alert with improved textures. This proves to be true in many ways. As with the classic the controls will leave you wanting, with troops ai taking over as soon as you stop issuing move orders,unless you choose to turn the AI off. Also as of 9/15/11 their is no "hold position" command for units.


The user interface is simple to navigate with tabs appearing on the left side of the screen to easily manage production,research and construction. Wail work is in progress a countdown is shown on the tab with time to completion. Chat is directly under your command tabs, the close window "X" on the chat window as of now only disables chat and doesn't close the window(re clicking resumes chat). Mirroring the chat window is your current objectives(quest log), completing objectives reward you with varying amounts of resources and experience points. Upgrading, constructing, resource gathering, and attacking bases also increase exp. points. At the top of the screen from left to right you have your name, level, available resources, power levels, current and maximum unit values. To the far right are toggles for zoom, full screen, sound fx,music, and a currently disabled save button.


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There's a wiki about another game of Kixeye's at [1]

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