File:Zafreeti Animation.png


Ze Medic of BYM is here! Zafreeti is the must have-monster for most monster forces, which includes D.A.V.E.s. Their healing speed of 5000 hps at level 5 is very high compared to the dps of towers, but 3 D.A.V.E.s can outdamage a Zaf. They are very powerful when paired with other monsters. Highly recommended with Drull and Daves . But be careful though, Zafreeti is very vulnrable to the Aerial Defense Tower, so try to get rid of them before sending your Zafreeti in. You can do this in a few ways.

  1. Catapult them
  2. Using a Fomor to reduce the amount of damage your Zafreeti takes
  3. Using Putty to reduce the amount of damage your Zafreeti takes
  4. Sending other monsters to kill it first

Zafreeti are very powerful when used with high health monsters, as the high health monsters can take the damage before Zafreeti can heal them. They prefer healing the Champion more than other monsters, so flinging in a damaged champion while the Zafreeti is working on other monsters is a bad idea. Make sure that you use a Fomor if you are using Zafreeti in a yard with ADTs. You are advise to put your monsters into the battle first then only put your zafreeti so that the tower won't target your zafreeti.An expert combination is Gorgo + Zafreeti= Destructive combination,but the first thing is to destroy aerial defence tower.


Zafreeti can not be put into bunkers, so it cannot be used for defending. Zaf+ Dave in bunkers plus a Fomor would be too OP,if only Zafreeti can put in the bunker,your monsters will survive and your yard will not able to destroy your base.

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